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Preventing unauthorised persons from entering or exiting their property without permission is a primary concern for many people.

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commercial residential

We can supply security fencing for any property, commercial or residential or community. We have worked with schools and daycare centres that need to protect the children in their care, sporting fields and businesses that are trying to avoid vandalism, and homes that are built on busy streets. We can supply a fence that will keep your property secure.

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range of materials

We are able to construct security fences using a variety of materials, including: tubular steel, chain mesh, bollards, razor wire, and barbed wire. These materials are all incredibly strong and secure, ensuring that they will keep people in or out (depending on the application). We are also able to help you determine a suitable height for your fencing to avoid climbers.

9razor wire security fencing


Q. Can you provide sliding/automated gates and swipe card access?

In short, the answer is yes. We are able to install sliding or automated gates and swipe card access on both driveways and walkways. We are sure that we can create a solution for your specific needs, so please contact us for more information.

Q. Is security fencing really an effective deterrent?

In our experience, having secure fencing does deter unauthorised persons from entering or exiting your property. They are high, hard to climb and can pose the risk of injury (especially if razor or barbed wire is used). For many people, there is simply too much effort involved.


Dolphin Fencing is able to provide security fences to all areas of Melbourne and beyond, including: Mornington, Frankston, Portsea, Toorak, Brighton, Berwick, Cranbourne, Phillip Island and Inverloch.

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