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Replacement nylon collar for Invisible Fence® Brand MicroLite®

About Invisible Fence Replacement Collar

You let your energetic dog out into the backyard to run off some of his enthusiasm, confident in the invisible dog fence that keeps him within the barrier of your property, but in a moment he is past the boundary and off on an adventure through the neighborhood. Whether the collar has been damage or is not strong enough to deter your pet, an invisible fence replacement collar restores the effectiveness of the fence and protects your pet. You treasure your pets and want to keep them safe and secure while giving them their freedom, but you do not want to mar the look of your property with a large fence to hold them inside. An invisible fence system provides guidance to your pets that teaches them the boundaries of their area so they remain safe. Even after this lesson has been learned, keeping the collar on your pets provides protection from them suddenly chasing a car, squirrel, or neighborhood child. Explore the vast inventory on eBay for an invisible fence replacement collar that keeps your pets under control while maintaining the appeal and convenience of your property.

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